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Bathtub Refinishing: A Wise Option To Revive Your Old & Defected Bathtub

Category: Business |  Author: New Surface |  Published: 2020-05-14 07:40:25 |  Times Read: 481

After a hectic day at work, a warm bath is the best escape. But what if the bathtub is damaged or broken? Bathing in it isn’t possible at any cost. Have you ever come across such situation or are you dealing with it currently? If yes, what according to you is the best way to tackle this? Replacement? Are you sure spending a whole new amount on a new bathtub? Are you really ready to welcome the chaos that comes with cutting the new bathtub to adjust the fittings and then indulging yourself in trimming, flooring, plumbing and more? No? Probably refinishing can help.

There is no denying that a new tub means its purchase cost as well as labor cost. No matter the tub is stained or dingy, has cracks or is affected by rusts, with a professional bathtub refinishing team, fixing the damage and re-coating the surface is no big deal. Fiberglass, cast-iron and steel tubs are easy to re-coat and complement with the original finish.

The 3 Steps Of Bathtub Refinishing

 1. Old finish is stripped off followed by sanding the tub, as it is required for an even and smooth service.

2. Problems like chips, holes, cracks and rust spots are repaired.

3. Multiple layers of coating, primer and sealant are applied. Following this, bathtub is good to be used in 1-3 days. You will be glad to know that the finish stays for as good as 10-15 years.

Benefits Of Refinishing

There are many benefits to enjoy but when it comes to talk about the best ones, following points define them best:

 1. Overall cost is easy on the wallet.

2. Adds new life to the bathtub.

3. Elongates the life of the bathtub.

4. Is a eco-friendly solution.

Hire The Experts

Though you can do it on your own through instructions from the refinishing kits that are easily available in the market, contacting the professionals is the best way for services that stand for durability. You can easily find the best professionals with the help of reviews, feedback and comments shared by the customers.

Before ending the discussion, one thing you must know is that when you are not interested in reglazing, refinishing is what you must settle for. However, the result depends on the quality of bathtub you have. Having said that refinishing works its magic on the bathtub that belongs to a standard quality in the first place. If the tub is cheap and lacks quality, go for replacement, as refinishing won’t survive on your current tub.

What are you waiting for? Start your hunt for the best bathtub service providing companies and finalize the one you feel is suitable for your needs.