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What in the world is happening to my country?

Category: My Opinion |  Author: MELAI BONDOC CATACUTAN |  Published: 2016-08-24 08:29:35 |  Times Read: 831

            An open letter to all Filipino out there.

            I am a Filipino too, a pure blooded Filipino in heart and in mind and I am crying foul with what's happening to our country. Our President is out of hand because he has over 16 million Filipino on his palm to side his doings. I have the right to give my opinion against it because I didn't vote for him. I am one of those who believed in Senator Miriam Santiago so I believe I can speak my thoughts now.    

            There is a divine law which states that everyone is innocent under the law until proven guilty. Even someone caught red handed has the right for a trial. We have Public Attorney's Office for those who don't have the money to hire a lawyer because the law states we are all equal n the eyes of the law. Justice is symbolized by a human with eye's closed with a weighing scale, it symbolizes equality.

            But this is not the case now, the authority are on killing spree with just the defense of "he tried to fight so he's dead". What's happening now have cause more severe problems. People are killed and found with a note of " pusher ako, adik ako, kriminal ako". Where is the law, shall we be waiting for a real "the purge" in the Philippines? Killings are now tolerated, what can we do? Let's just stay home and pray that we'll not gonna die, but hey so much of these killings happened on the comfort of the victim's homes. There are even cases of deaths that happen inside the police station, what the hell you have a gun and you already have the criminal with broken limbs and you'll say you shot because they tried to fight. Oh come on this is police brutality.

            Actually I side the resurgence of death penalty, I want those who committed heinous crimes to die. But hey I still believe it should be on a due process and not on a summary execution. Another thing is I believe those who are killed are on the edge of poverty. They are actually victims of those who are on the top of the chain. The producers are on the comfort of their homes counting the money they earned by selling drugs while those who are end users are getting killed. Not all those who they call adik are still active on being adik, not all of them committed a crime that should equal to losing their lives. Poverty driven this poor people to want a taste being free from frustrations of being in the poverty. Drugs has been their escape to the reality. Can we blame them if that is the path they chose to cope, no because we are not on their shoes. We are all different in many ways so we can only judge them on where are all equal and this is under the law.

            Sixteen million Filipino are still justifying their votes by siding and giving reasons on every thing the President is saying and doing. Isn't it too much to handle, our president is a proud mad man. How can he say that he'll separate the Philippines to the united nation when this institution is just concerned about what's happening to our country. Remember these are the nations who are helping us during calamities. Our country is just a small country with millions of people who can die if we will be under siege by powerful countries. If our country will not be on the protection of the international law we will be in great danger.

            I would never understand how our President think, so much as I will never understand why there are so many people that are proud of his guts when his guts could make us all killed in a single blow. I fear that within the six years term of our President, there will be time that we'll fear for all our lives. It is just the start of a blood tainted country, I hope it will not cause a civil war.