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In disguise

Category: Literature |  Author: MELAI BONDOC CATACUTAN |  Published: 2016-01-08 10:55:49 |  Times Read: 3388

You may see me with smiles in my face but deep inside me I am aiding broken heart. I didn't get it from an inreciprocated love or a love which is full of lies for I am broken as a whole being and not a hopeless romantic girl. My life is as bring as hell maybe because I locked myself in my virtual world that no one would ever knew.

I want to be people around me to undestand me, yet I fear to be understood for I myself cant accept the fact that I can't be proud of myself. This broken heart I get with misjudgement I get from people that I love is so deep that I'm getting drowned. I hope one day I will find my voice to speak for my heart, I hope time could mend it. One day I might find courage to tell the world, it'm me and I am proud.