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Our Barangay's Fiesta 2015

Category: Experience |  Author: MELAI BONDOC CATACUTAN |  Published: 2015-11-25 08:01:52 |  Times Read: 1034

For the past few years, it seems like it's my longest stay here in the province because I am used to living in the city for years. It's November now so if ever I might stay here at least up to the remaining days of 2015. What's next for the year is a holiday, November 30 will be Bonifacio Day, then after that we'll celebrate the feast of our Barangay this coming December 6.

Our Barangay is just a small community, over the years our population grows because of new generation's birth, safe to say that most of our population here now are young children, new houses are built as well which symbolizes new families. For our feast it's probably a simple celebration of the birth our patron St. Nicolas, people will prepare food for the visitors. 

Our feast us not like those which have a tradition of parading on the river nor traditional dances, I don't even remember when was the last time where there's a jamboree where we had guests for the entertainment but nevertheless it's a tradition to celebrate and thank the patron of our Barangay.

This will be a tiring celebration for sure because as a host you have to prepare and serve the food to your visitors and as I remember my brother will bring some guests in our home. You might want to celebrate with us. It will not be that fun as others that it will never be featured on TV but I'm sure it's worth thr visit because best cooks in general are Kapampangan.