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Christmas Feels

Category: Talk of the Nation |  Author: MELAI BONDOC CATACUTAN |  Published: 2015-11-21 07:24:02 |  Times Read: 974

Christmas is coming the wind blows gets colder, christmas lanterns and christmas trees,in every corners. It's 34 days before Christmas just few days more than a month. Our country celebrates the longest christmas. The feel starts as ber months enters and the countdown begins 100 days before christmas.

Our country loves christmas because it's the season of giving and sharing the love. Everyone are excited as it's a holiday season, family celebration and mostly this is the Birth of Jesus Christ who gives us a salvatio in, we are one of the most christian nation in the world. We should share the love to honor our Almighty father but it shouldn't be just on christmas only, let's make the feel an everyday christmas through giving and sharing.

Christmas will always be happy if we share the happiness, share love and give in every simple way we can so we'll have a better place to live