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I miss Linkin' (Link-nearby)

Category: Reviews |  Author: MELAI BONDOC CATACUTAN |  Published: 2015-11-07 06:08:04 |  Times Read: 3397

Once upon a time I've been addicted to Link, it's an android app developed by IGG. This app allows you to find people near you with how far they are from you, you can also find group chats of what ever you like searching by distance, trend and category. For someone like me who just keep myself in the four corners of my room and just hanging out by chatting I believe it's the best social app for me.

I installed the app on May 2015, I've entered groups as soon as I made my account. I entered few groups but I gained friends on sports central and wattpad and friends. Lucky I am, the time I made my account there is promotion where when your active with certain group for some set period you can win movie tickets and I've won two movie tickets.

Another contest is launch, yo have create your own group and keep it active for sometime. It's quite hard, I made a group then delete it because I can't get members, one after another, then finally I made a group of whether I could win or not, I would still keep. I administered a group named "Basketball Mania (PBA)". Philippines is a basketball loving nation, I love PBA and I found people with the same interest as I am. I gained friends and I even got a consolation of 1000 worth of sodexo gift pass from the contest.

Day by day I'm encountering people of different kind, you can't help it to encounter some unlikely people, unfortunate but the happiness of gaining friends from the app is greater for me. Soon I met friends where I had to chance to meet face to face, I got along with them so well and I am fortunate to be friends with them, they are great and fun to be with. I actually miss them, I also miss those two groups I established. After the Basketball Mania I made a group named "Freedom (Posers are allowed)" it's because I believe it's bias to judge people just because they can't give you real information about theselves, anyways in this world where you can't trust everybody it's actually safe to keep your real self. But this group isn't welcomed well, people are afraid to be associated with groups of posers. ALDUB fever came and with my friends I decided to rename and re-establish Freedom and made it "ALDUB FAN GROUP - LINK EDITION and it became a very active group from day one. 

I missed linkin' I am in the province now, seemed to be exiled, I only use data and it's turtlenet can't even describe it. I can't have a consistent connection so goodbye link if I'm only using data. Luckily I have friends who manage the ALDUB group, of course we are all ALDUB fans. For my Basketball group I just hope it works well too. 

Try the app, it's fun I promise. Gain friends, download it on your appstore, Link-Nearby by  IGG.