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Why hack yaya dub?

Category: Entertainment |  Author: MELAI BONDOC CATACUTAN |  Published: 2015-11-04 08:02:09 |  Times Read: 1265

Some hackers are famous in infiltrating websites such as government agencies, we can also recall group of hackers who hacked chinese websites as answer to the attack of chinese hackers to the Philippine websites. Hackers also made a website where they posted personal pictures of celebrities which they got from hacking.

In the Philippines the latest hacking issue is hacking of Maine (Yaya Dub) Mendoza's different social media accounts, the hackers even posted an apology message, saying they are just there to promote their advocacy and said they are the Philippines Anonymous. As of yesterday 5:00 pm as news in 24 oras, all the accounts are returned ot retrieved.

This incident lighted fire against the hackers from fans and family of Maine, posting thier dismay against the hackers. Maine as Yaya Dub in the Kalye Serye yesterday is not in the mood because of the attack givin Alden a taste of possible scenario that might happen for real if they get deep into having real relationship. At the end of the kalye serye Jose Manalo as Gasgas Abelgas reminded everyone that it's wrong get what's not yours, use without the blessing of the real owner, of course it pertains to the hacking incident.

In my opinion this hacking incident is different from hackings of different websites. Hacking of those just mean these hackers are disappointed with this websites or agencies yet the hacking of Maine Mendoza just mean that this hackers know what effect Maine have todays to people, they know that many Filipino's  are following her. They've done it because they know they'll get the attention of the public yet we know for sure now it can't be treated just as that. It's something serious, hackers have their ways, NBI is investigating the incident now. Maybe these group of hackers got the attention of the public but negatively they got bashers because what they did is wrong for whatever advocacy it is, it's still wrong to hack a famous personality's personal account to relay their advocacy, as they say there is no right reason for doing something which is not right.