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No such thing is effortless

Category: Be Inspired |  Author: JB Llanda |  Published: 2019-06-08 17:31:29 |  Times Read: 277

I was not born the way I am now.

Okay, I think my introduction is a little confusing. You are maybe wondering why I said that. Well, you see, people always see me as someone gifted with many gifts / talents and knowledge.

But, little people know that I worked hard before I acquired this many talents. An example is my programming skill, if you only saw me practiced every morning and before I went to sleep when I was just starting. You will probably never say that I am naturally good at it.

I am not good in everything. In fact, there are things that I like doing that gives me frustrations. Hahaha! I'm not joking here.

Practice makes perfect. Well, most of the time this is true. But, you will also encounter unexpected blockers that will stop you achieving something. But, still try your best doing things you love. It is better to try and fail than have regrets because you never tried.