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What is the best content to drive traffic to your website?

Category: My Opinion |  Author: JB Llanda |  Published: 2019-06-05 16:36:06 |  Times Read: 270

Recently, I have been experimenting on different topics. I am observing which topics tend to attract more readers to this website.

I have tried random ideas, food posts and even about anime.

So, which topic drived more content to this website? I'd say, it depends on current trends. But, there are topics that can drive traffic even it's not in current trend.

Based on my observation, people tend to click more on a link when the topic is about entertainment, like Anime, or a new movie, or about some artists.

Does that mean I just have to focus on writing about things that I'm sure to get more traffic? The answer is no. Readers also look for different variety of topics.

I also notice that posts with images are more attractive than posts with no images included. Like this image:

But, the most important thing is to have a content that is worth reading. It doesn't matter what language you are using as long as the reader can enjoy what he is reading.

Important: Write about the things you know more, so that you can say more about what you are writing.