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Live in the Present Time

Category: Be Inspired |  Author: JB Llanda |  Published: 2019-06-02 15:41:19 |  Times Read: 171

Life is too short for not to be happy and for not to enjoy life.

All of us wants a happy and prosperous life, that's a fact. But, sometimes we tend to forget about the present. We work hard everyday, even to the point of losing time for our loved ones.

We always reason that we are just preparing for the future, well that's not bad. What is bad is we can never bring back time. We can never experience again the things that we intentionally (or not intentionally) missed, for the sake of preparing for our future. Do you understand my point here? I hope you do understand.

Personally, I have been working for my supposedly future life for quite some time now. Until I reached a point where I realized that I have missed so many things. Unfortunately, I have to lose many things to see the things I've missed.

So, now, I am trying to live my present while still working for my future. But, I prioritize my present life more now than my unknown future.

So, join me by living in the present time.