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A good effort needs a good reward

Category: My Opinion |  Author: JB Llanda |  Published: 2019-03-27 18:22:34 |  Times Read: 191

Have you been giving extra efforts on your job, or maybe putting extra hours on your studies? That's a good thing, but how do you keep yourself going?

It is easy to say, "I'll always do my best." But, it is hard to maintain your best when you don't feel rewarded by your efforts. What ever you do, that's just how it is. You will lose enthusiasm along the way. You need a special kind of fuel to keep you going all the time.

All of us are unique, what works for me might not work for you.

Here are the things I usually do to reward myself for a good work:

  • Eat the food you like - It is always good to keep your tummy happy. It's not just good for the health, but also makes your heart satisfied.
  • Watch a movie - Try seeing a movie every now and then. It really helps. (Avengers! ahem!)
  • Go out with a friend - Going out with a friend is good to keep your stress away. Hide away your smartphones for awhile and enjoy a long conversation.
  • Buy some things you like - Don't do this all the time, not good for your wallet. Haha. But, buying something can really satisfy you. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the fruits of your hard work.
  • Make time to visit your family - I think this should be the first one on the list. Nothing beats seeing the people who raised you.

As I have told earlier, what works for me might not work for you. But, here is what I can say. Always find a way to reward yourself, it helps to keep you going.