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When you have nothing to write

Category: Be Inspired |  Author: JB Llanda |  Published: 2019-02-03 09:40:23 |  Times Read: 405

Recently, I promised myself that I will write atleast once a week. But, I find it hard to think of new topics or something interesting. What am I going to do now?

Well, as I am writing this, there's nothing I can think of as a topic or idea. I just decided to write on the spot. Maybe, as I am typing, there will be a great idea that will pop inside my head. I'm still hoping at this moment.

On my third paragraph now, and still nothing. I feel like this is going nowhere and a useless write-up. Well, is this really useless? Let's see and let's try to keep writing. Maybe, this will turn better than I thought.

Okay, I paused for a few seconds and tried to think again. Honestly, I just wasted precious seconds because I still got nothing. It is really hard to think something if your mind does not cooperate. Hmmm.. Maybe, I just need an inspiration.

Let's try to think of happy thoughts, like when I was a kid, I like spending most of my time in the basketball court playing basketball. Yes, I was once one of those so-called solar boys (Filipino term for those kids who still play even though it's freaking 12PM! That's the hottest time of the day.). Well, I think there's already a little sense in this write-up. Hooray!

Okay, what's next? I think there's really nothing special about that topic. It's kinda ordinary. I want something more interesting. Hmmm.. Think.. Think.. Think..

Again, I paused a few seconds and tried to read the previous paragraphs. I was surprised! It's a good thing that I kept on writing even though I have nothing to write at the beginning. I just learned something valuable.

Even though you don't know where it will lead, you just hve to keep going. Let life surprise you. Well, my writing today surprised me. This will actually do. There is a deep underlying message, not just about having nothing to write, but also about keeping on doing something in life, even though, you don't know what will happen yet.

I guess I'll end this with, "Keep moving!"