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Fear of Technological Advancements

Category: Technology |  Author: JB Llanda |  Published: 2019-01-10 09:07:35 |  Times Read: 198

Not all people are excited about the new or upcoming model of a certain smartphone. In fact, some people still use old good basic mobile phones.

Maybe, fear of new techs depends on where you're from. Example is The Philippines, we all know that most Filipinos are tech savvy. Well, is this really true? Maybe for the younger Filipinos, yes. But, most of older Filipinos tend to distance themselves away from new technologies, specially those living in provinces.

It is not like they don't like new technologies, it's just they find it hard to adapt.

Some also see technological advancement as a threat to their livelihoods. Most of these people are in the manual labor sector. But, don't get me wrong here. Technological advancements also create new opportunities like where I am now. We just had to learn how to adapt.

Challenge for Innovators

It is not easy to design a human friendly product, we all know that. It takes time to come up with a proper design that innovators think people can use easily.

Smartphones are perfect examples. Manufacturers have different designs, this is visible in android phones. Even though they are using the same Operating System, they tweak the features to make their device more advanced and more useful to its potential buyers.

Is Fear of New Techs Limited to Older People?

This is a no. Younger ones also fear advancements. Why? It really depends on where they are from.

If you grew up in the city with many sorts of technologies around you, probably you will be more accepting to new technologies compared to someone who grew up in the mountains or some place similar.

Will Everyone be Able to Adapt to New Techs?

In time, probably yes. It really depends on the individual. We just have to help them adapt to new technologies. Don't force them to use new techs immediately, it is better to show them the benefits you gain from using new techs.