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Dr. Jose Rizal, A National Hero?

Category: My Opinion |  Author: Ykcaj Rodavlas |  Published: 2012-09-21 11:56:45 |  Times Read: 10893


Dr. José Protacio Mercado Rizal Alonzo Y Realonda is the national hero of our country. But how come he became the national hero of our country? Does he deserve it?

As I was watching the movie Jose Rizal, it made me see what life have the Filipinos back then. The difficulties, violence and the torture they’ve get from the Spaniards. It’s so sad to see that they have to live that kind of life.

Rizal was opened to everything back then. He saw how the Spanish friars ruled the Philippines. His family experienced the life of being held by the Spaniards. But he keep his faith of being a catholic despite of what the friars doing to the Filipinos. He even wrote poems, essays and novels about what he saw.

As a little Jose, he may not understand what’s happening but so many questions he’s been asking. He was so thirsty for knowledge and information. He really studied hard for it. He was thankful to the Spaniards where he got his education. But he also used this to make the people see what kind of government they have back then. That made the Spaniards thought that he was a traitor. So I was thinking, if I was him, being thankful for the education the Spaniards gave me, I won’t dare to used that against them. But Rizal stood up for the Filipinos to fight for their rights and freedom.

In the movie, he said “Kung naglalagay man ako ng dilimyun ay sa kagustuhan kong ipakita ang liwanag.” He really wanted to open the eyes of many and make them see how the Spaniards put their life into darkness. He wrote Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo to show the Filipinos and made them realized that they don’t have life of their own. Everything was held by the Spaniard friars. But, he also wanted the Filipinos to see that there’s still hope. That they can still live with freedom. Though some understand what he wanted to say, some misunderstood.

But, does he deserve to be our national hero just because of that? Before watching the movie, for me yes, he deserves to be our national hero, but after watching the movie, I understand more why he deserves it.

Since he was a child he was learned so many thing from the Spaniards and used it to get freedom from them. He may be scared but he continued to write to expressed what he feels for the country. He didn’t even care if the Spaniards hunt him and put him down. He just wanted to fight through his novels for our sake. He even died for our freedom though he doesn’t know what will happen after he died. I’ve never heard anyone fought for the right of our country the way he did. He’s the only hero I know who used pen and paper to have our independence and not through bloody war.

Though he died before we get our independence, he still deserve to be our national hero for the reason that he won the battle against the Spaniards through opening the Filipinos eyes to see the truth and give us hope. Dr. Jose Rizal is truly our National Hero.