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Category: Literature |  Author: Wilma Binay Buenaobra |  Published: 2013-04-30 20:14:42 |  Times Read: 1146


With all the existence evident in this place,

How come our minds do not always coincide with what we feel?

How come things would go wrong and repeat itself without letting us learn from it?

How come life isn't really fair in its form?

Questions remain unanswered,

But life goes on with no looking back,

Everything seems to be in a chaos and it's causing me too much pain.


How could life be so complicated?

With  all that's happening in the present,

It took so much agony to release just a sigh.

No matter how much eager I am to sort things out,

Circumstances continuously piling up onto another.

How to solve it when there's no clear problem?

How to regain strength when there's no clear inner drive?


With all these cases,

How to reclaim motivation in between them?

How to go normal again,

When I know for myself something valuable went missing?

Perhaps it would be sought from some people who used to be happy as well.

Hope is inevitable, it won't exist if there's no will from inside you.

All I hope is to be with people who won't get tired of reminding be of life's treasures.