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Attitudes of Filipino Construction Workers While in the Field

Category: Scoops |  Author: Wilma Binay Buenaobra |  Published: 2012-10-18 12:28:24 |  Times Read: 4091

According to Wikipedia, "A construction worker or builder is a professional, tradesman, or labourer who directly participates in the physical construction of infrastructure."


In developing countries, construction provides much needed work opportunities for some of the poorest and most marginalized sections of society (source: Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing).


In other countries, it is okay for them to be labeled as 'labourer' since they earn enough money for them to support their finances. However, here in the Philippines, we cannot deny it to ourselves that people really look down on you when they know about it even if they did not intend it from doing so.


Due to 'Habagat', we needed to repair the roofing of our house. So, we actually hired two workers during that time. Their tasks were the following:


-repair the roof; and

-put an extension to the kitchen.


Sad to say, after a month, they have only done the following:


-partially repaired the roofing; and

-made framework of the extension.


Why do you think people like this ended up not accomplishing their tasks in due time? Based on our observation, we came up with the following reasons:


1.    Mañana Habit


Filipinos have a mind setting that there's plenty of time in the world so they can do the task later. Let's say for instance, you were assigned to do something to be passed by tomorrow night and the task was given to you early in the morning. So, you would actually think that you still have today's afternoon, the whole night, until tomorrow's afternoon to do it, right? With that kind of thinking, the tendency is that you let yourself not do it now. When the deadline comes, the result is that you rash things up making you unable to focus on the quality of your work.


2.    'Ningas-Cogon'

This is one of the character traits of the Filipinos wherein they are very eager and excited to do things at the first stage of the work. However, when they're in the middle of the period, the eagerness to do such things is no longer present in them. This trait can be clearly seen by the employers so much so that they never fail to give out reinforcements just to maintain the good quality performance of the worker. 

3.    Lack of Interest in the Field


Confucius once said: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Yes, it is true. When you accept a job, it must be something inclined to what you have studied in college. However, since Filipinos today lack enough courage to pursue their studies and that some of them quit college due to personal reasons, they take construction as a sideline. When you're not interested to the work that you're doing, your mind was not focused. This will only make things worse because you're forcing yourself to simply finish the task without minding the quality of such performance.



For those people who are going to work someday, it is okay if you take a job that's not correlated to what you have studied in college for it could be one of your stepping stones in your career. However, if you really want to enjoy what you're doing, it is best that you take something that has relation to what you have pursued so you could be excellent in the field you have chosen even without exerting much effort in it.