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Never Again feel Insecured

Category: My Opinion |  Author: Wilma Binay Buenaobra |  Published: 2012-07-20 04:15:59 |  Times Read: 2414

I have written this free verse poem for us to understand that Insecurity was in the mind-setting of early Filipinos due to Spanish Colonization and the fact that it is continuously present nowadays. We could somehow remove that kind of feeling when we open our mind and realize that we are alike in the eyes of God to think and do productive things in our own ways. My personal thanks to the following Professors in National College of Business and Arts (NCBA) for letting me experience such realization:

 -Dr. Kristine 'Tynes' Molina Doria

 -Mr. Cliff Wendell Ransom Lilangan


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After 333 years of Spanish Colonization,

Our ancestors being the lowest rank in the Social Hierarchy,

Discrimination and Superiority ruled over the whole nation,

Love was forgotten,

And dignity was neglected.


Hard as it may seem,

To imagine all the hardships early Filipinos had encountered,

We now act like nothing has happened in the past.

 Truly, we should never put in mind about holding grudge against the others,

 So the heart is always open for forgiveness.


Due to colonization, Insecurity was set to our minds,

And were handed down to the next generations.

I now say that it is normal to feel that way,

But it's not good to continuously feel that way,

As God has given us equal minds to think and be productive in our own ways.

You may not think of it now,

But I know you will when you enter the world of competition.

I understand this may take time for you to reflect on,

But once you do,

I still hope it's not yet late for you to stand out.