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Editorial: Be Aware At Least

Category: Literature |  Author: MaMag malayang magasin |  Published: 2020-07-26 11:21:35 |  Times Read: 541

Be Aware At Least
     An increasing volume of
endangered plants is walking
among us and continue doing
so unless humankind do
something about solving this.
     Usages of styrofoam and
other plastics are not harmful
to our health may be
argumentative and even
combative to some. However,
we can never merely take our
words over action since us
observers have functioning
senses that our country is one
of the largest consumers of
plastics all over the world.
     Our one true blue planet’s
ecology is so rich of lives-
sustaining nutrients wherein
trees and plants especially
green and leafy vegetables
exist. If we need these, then,
we are not to take these
bountiful graces for granted
and start the commitment on
preserving them.
     In the Philippines’ recent
statistics, more than four
hundred plants are on the
brink of extinction. At least,
self-awareness can tell us
relevant stories for our
generation and the next to
come. Moreover, Mother
Nature has a story to tell us,
too—this is us as we define
home and learn to start from
home where the heart