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Confession Box: A Fine City

Category: Literature |  Author: MaMag malayang magasin |  Published: 2020-06-30 12:36:04 |  Times Read: 338



Confession Box

Ez Khan, dps


A Fine City


     More or less, two decades of living in the same neighborhood must be safe to declare as a familiar neighborhood. Always high is the level of gossips in a red light district. Legitimately or otherwise, mostly everyone is working regardless of age.

     While a baby was crying, a noise on the wooden stairs came from feet’s wearing shoes and/or slippers. There was a light rain, and a light rail transit is nearby.

     From popular weekends’ news, Don Ramon passed away at ninety-three. Around ten in the morning, YouSuites (located in Recto Avenue) is open as Fresh Rinse Laundry notified via SMS. Along Legarda Street, there was a vendor together with his kids. Aside from less than ten pesos biscocho, three baluts and two penoys, each at eighteen and sixteen pesos, respectively—all for dinner back in an apartment—a spacious good-for-two-persons room—mostly filled with literary books. Other than the latter, a brand Ligo sardines in tomato sauce in an easy-to-open can merely lying in one of the built-in wooden racks nearest to a small barred window that used to be a part of an old balcony door (whew). Do not worry. That is the last of it. Oh, and an upside down classic Oishi prawn crackers spicy flavor planning to be eaten a weekend after, is on a next step higher rack.

     Smartphones and devices must be all ready—preparation including advance reading is for the Playwriting Workshop first-ever in a full online special class at La Salle. “A goal is to earn a degree” is a fragmented truth.

     After the neighbors were discreetly in a liquor-drinking session, a bubong was used as battleground by stray cats, and urban house dogs were howling the night prior midnight.  Also, a light rain faded prior midnight. Only after midnight when a rooster started crowing. There was a crave of midnight green when such series was replaced by 512 GB of iPhone Pro Max with an Apple leather case in black.

     Within a confine of a usually busy neighborhood, prayers must count, it must be significant to note that each day with God is a blessing. So far, in a broken city not so crowded, less pollution from vehicles, a sky is blue, other than the face mask, everything is normally fine.