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Breezing through Changes

Category: Be Inspired |  Author: Candice O Brillon |  Published: 2012-11-03 01:15:29 |  Times Read: 1659



Change is the only constant thing on earth. Nothing is permanent. The past "you" might be different from the present "you"or even the future "you". When a person change his way of life, he or she is given a chance to transform into a new individual. Everybody has a story of change, of second chances in life. i'm glad that this second chance had made me a better person. This is my story of chance.

I considered myself as a wind back in high school. I was aloof with all of the students in our academy. I never had best friends at school because I don’t want to mingle with them. In an all-girls school, girls are competitive. The social class labels will start from "the pretty, rich and famous", "the nerds", "the teacher's pet", "the varsity players", "the social climbers" and "the nobodys". Labels are everywhere. Ask for me, I belong to the "nobodys". I don't conform much to the norms of my high school.

Fortunately, I'm still lucky to once in a while be in top 10 of our class. That was the only moment that teachers would notice me. During field trips, I would choose to sleep that hear my classmates talk about themselves. People at school thought of me as one of those ordinary and unnoticed students. I was never a threat to anybody.

I was okay being a wind but I hated my high school for being inconsiderate and not seeing what's beyond my persona - my full potential. And so, i continued to be a breeze until after my high school graduation.

Entering college became my turning point, my second chance. New faces, new environment, and new life to redeem myself from the odd ghost of my high school life. College was an opportunity to show the real me. Because students in college are not mindful of other students, I was able to explore my full potentials. I studied harder; I gained true friends and enjoyed every bit of happiness at school. I became more expressive and confident. College also gave me a chance to fall in love and to experience heartbreaks. It was a roller coaster ride to fall in and out of love in college but I had surpassed it.

God has given me a second chance to re-introduce myself through college life. I realized that I'm not just a wind and my worth is beyond that. I am talented and i am a gift to my love ones. I am a beautiful person because of this second chance. Right now, I still cannot consider high school as a memorable stage in life but I don't hate it anymore. College has taught me to move on from grudges, stay strong, and accept changes. My transformation from being a wind is a blessing and the best thing that ever happened to me. I hope that others who share the same experience would not be afraid of taking chances. A chance is good especially if it is worth the risk.

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