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Decolgen, Sinutab and Dimetapp

Category: My Opinion |  Author: Bernard Cua Cheng |  Published: 2012-04-03 10:21:34 |  Times Read: 13484

Ever encountered severe running nose??  So what medicine’s available in the shelf?? Decolgen, Sinutab, Dimetapp you name them…Decolgen works for me, but not necessarily to you or the next guy..Others will opt for Sinutab saying Decolgen makes them drowsy..So where am I leading you to???

You see in a miniscule scale, it’s very much the same in finding ENLIGHTENMENT in life..Imagine the scenario..

Scene # 1 Me & 2 guys (let’s name them Paul & Peter)..We are having coffee discussing  about running nose & cold..I tell them how effective Decolgen is..but for Paul it doesn’t work, he felt more comfortable with Sinutab..Peter opts for Dimetapp..In the middle of it all comes a common friend (let’s call him James)..James is having a terrible cold now..he ask what medicine is best…Automatically I blurt out “Decolgen”, but Paul thinks otherwise, “mas effective Sinutab, Decolgen makes you sleepy on the wheel”..Peter then blurts in “for me it’s Dimetapp, coz of blah blah blah…”..Unmindful of it all, we have put James in a very confusing position..”WHICH ONE IS MOST EFFECTIVE??”  He decided Sinutab since that’s what he’s been hearing from others as well..he tried it 3 there are 2 possible scenarios: 1st, he got well (no problem), 2nd, it didn’t at all, in fact he developed side effects from it…so he shifted to Decolgen (to no avail), then to this, that & there..Finally fed up he decided to GET SOME REST & DRINK PLENTY OF WATER…Whoa!!!! It worked!!!!...

 Scene # 2  James just met a friend who’s encountering a running nose..So what do you think James will advise the person?? you bet..”DON’T TAKE MEDICINE, JUST DRINK PLENTY OF WATER & REST, OK KA NA..”    END OF STORY

 So what’s this all about??  We all want to find HAPPINESS, PEACE-OF-MIND & ENLIGHTENMENT IN LIFE..We hear plenty of advises about how it can be done...Some you can seek (RELIGION, MEDITATION,  BOOKS), some just simply happen, others have to go through traumatic experiences (NEAR-DEATH-EXPERIENCE, ACCIDENTS, LOSING SOMEONE), but the roads that leads us there varies for every single individual..Each of us is unique & let’s not allow that specialness in us to be taken away by clinging to other people’s experiences and beliefs..Yes, they can serve as guidelines and signposts, after all advises are free..but ultimately it’s what OUR HEART DICTATES & WHERE WE FIND ANSWERS TO OUR DEEP SEATED QUESTIONS that determines where we really belong…

 So what’s right? Who’s right?  THERE’S NO RIGHT OR WRONG coz the bottomline is WHATEVER IT IS YOU DO THAT GAVE YOU PEACE, HAPPINESS & MADE YOU A BETTER PERSON IS THE RIGHT THING FOR YOU..Just like Decolgen works for me, Sinutab works for Paul, Dimetapp works for Peter & WATER/REST works for James…So what will work for you?? FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF!! Gets mo meaning ko?