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The Road

Category: My Opinion |  Author: Admin  |  Published: 2012-04-02 09:27:55 |  Times Read: 1288

As I walk I saw three paths, one that goes straight ahead, the other one that goes left and the last one that goes right.Road Sign What does this mean? The answer is decision. Decision making is like decisioning which road will you take. It's either you go straight, left or right. We can't take all options, just one.

The second question, can we go back? In life, we can't. We can't bring back time. I'm not actually talking about actual roads here. I am talking about how are we going to decide which path are we going to take. We all have choices. We just have to choose.

When choosing our path we must consider a lot of things. What are these things? These things includes ourselves' future, our families and if there's someone's going to suffer on our decisions. I know, we don't want to hurt someone intentionally but sometimes, without knowing, we are actually hurting someone. To avoid this, we must be more sensitive to other's feelings. What if what ever I do, someone's still going to be hurt? This question happens a lot in some people. The answer is we just have to weigh every situation first before we decide.

I think I have written what's on my mind today. I'll just leave you a question.

What road are you taking?