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Why do I love ALDUB?

Category: Talk of the Nation |  Author: Melanie Catacutan |  Published: 2015-09-28 12:27:08 |  Times Read: 2002

            ALDUB is a phenomenal on screen love team, no one could argue because it is so obvious right now. See their growing social accounts followers, their TV endorsements, the Gold record Alden Richards got form his very first Album. It is a virus, the Aldub fever has continuously surfaced everywhere, it is talk of the town, topic everyday in social media and no one can deny how threatened their rival show and even the whole rival network is to this love team. This hasn't happened for a very long time safe to say. The Fandom of ALDUB who are collectively called as ALDUB NATION very great foundation and they are really crazy about ALDUB, am I one of them? Of course I am, I seemed to be under a spell and I don't mind at all.


            The episode of the Kalyeserye last September 26, 2015 gives me goosebumps same as any other loyal aldub fan out there I guess. I cried with the Aldub Nation when Alden delivered the song "God gave me you" with all emotions of sincerity and humility. I giggled the whole time while I am watching the date of Alden and Maine. How Alden looks at Maine is like a boy who can't contain his "kilig" seeing her crush. Everything is surreal at the same time very genuine. I don't care at all if everything that happened in there is scripted or delivered with instructions, what I only know is that those eyes and looks, how Alden is that whole time. He is genuinely happy, from a guy who is always composed and on guard to be like that, it's like being he's being caught red handed and he is proud about it. On the other hand Maine is so lovely that very day, she's presented as she should be. The whole thing is very natural and it represented well what really courtship is all about. How I giggled the whole time, how many times I screamed out of "kilig" I don't care at all, I am just so entertained and I converted those to tweets *slow clap*.


            Speaking of tweets, the Aldub nation which I belong to of course is really unimaginable but it's real so take it. We broke our previous record of 12.1 million and we almost doubled it. We set the record to a 25.6 million. That's how much we love aldub and the kalye serye, we worked hard for that so I believe no one should question us how did that thing became possible. It's just that we got so ecstatic with the fact that Aldub will be just a foot away and our love for ALDUB is infinite. Now I am looking forward to the "tamang panahon" because it's sweet scent is unveiling and it seems that it will come any time soon.


            So ask me why I love ALDUB now, It's like asking me why I love chocolates, it feels really feels good, I can have a good taste of it and I will never get bored watching the kalye serye over and over again. The fan girls in me have won me now, I believe other ALDUB fans will proudly say that too, even those macho married men who are proudly ALDUB fans. It's a like a virus and I don't wanna be cured so soon not in my lifetime I guess for I promise I will tell the story of Aldub to every next generation that will come before my eyes.