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Waterfront Beach Resort - Morong, Bataan

Last month, we went to Waterfront Beach Resort in Morong, Bataan. Approximately 4 hours travel from Manila. Morong lies in the western part of the province of Bataan, bounded on the  west by South China Sea, Bagac in the south, Abucay, Samal, and Orani in the east, Hermosa and Dinalupihan in the…

Decolgen, Sinutab and Dimetapp

Ever encountered severe running nose??  So what medicine’s available in the shelf?? Decolgen, Sinutab, Dimetapp you name them…Decolgen works for me, but not necessarily to you or the next guy..Others will opt for Sinutab saying Decolgen makes them drowsy..So where am I leading you to??? You see in a miniscule…